A boutique stable with a fantastic strike rate!


The Cleave Racing Stables team is a close knit family with a love for horses and a passion for Harness Racing.  Steve’s love for harness racing is entwined with a competitive spirit.

Steve has worked for some of the most respected names in the Harness Racing Industry.  His desire was kindled and cultivated at a young age and is still as strong as ever today.

What began as a pipe dream, to set up a property, train professionally and do this as a team, is now a reality.

A major ingredient of Cleave Racing Stables approach is to prepare each horse for its individual strengths and ability, and equally, not to push them if they are not ready to cope with the work.  We also take into account our client’s objectives.  This flexible approach allows us to provide a complete training service.

Steve believes in working a manageable quota that allows him to keep track of each horse and give it his personal attention.  He also has a similar approach to feeding, which is varied for each individual horse and adjusted to their training schedule.

At Cleave Racing Stables we want you to be able to experience all that racing has to offer.  From the day to day involvement around the stables, to the thrill of success at the racetrack – because at the end of the day “It’s Your Horse”!  We want you to feel like you are a part of the team, because you are!

Cleave Racing Stables realises that your investment is both monetary and emotional, and to be truly involved you require a consistent flow of information.  We will ensure that we keep you informed with what is happening with your horse on a regular basis.  You are also welcome to contact us at any time.

To read more about Steve’s background – please click here

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